Angry Birds Go! Wiki

v2.0 is the same game- angry birds go but it has massive changes.


  • toolboxes
  • episodes and characters in different orders
  • easier campaigns
  • energy system
  • daily races
  • divided stars
  • no resting tree or underground karts
  • different karts in the game, you have to complete 5 levels to unlock a racer. here are the racers in order. red, bomb, stella, bubbles, matilda, foreman pig, king pig, the blues, Terence, hal, corporal pig and chuck. in fruit splat, there are 2 types: full bar and empty bar. ABBILITIES red: a boost bomb: explode stella: traps herself in a protective bubble bubbles: inflates matilda: throws exploding eggs foreman pig: throws dynamites king pig: floats in a balloon the blues: 3 boosts Terence: a storm hal: a tornado corporal pig: helmet shield chuck: stop everything ang gives him a boost. this page is under construction